Common sense practices to deal with the epidemic

We are a group of scientists with complementary expertise. We analyze publications on COVID-19 from specialized journals of science and medicine. Our goal is to disseminate and explain the meaning of collective good practices to stop the spread of the virus and to regain a secure social life. We would like everyone to be able to access current knowledge in order to adopt responsible behaviour.

Adios Corona's practical advice may change as new scientific data is generated. Our goal is to provide you with an up-to-date, scientifically validated set of data that will allow you to make your choices and navigate safely in our new environment shared with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Our approach is scientific, logical, and transparent: citation of sources, critical analysis of experimental facts, evaluation of the soundness of conclusions, confrontation of different sources, search for the point of consensus. We avoid announcement effects and preliminary studies. We emphasize the unknowns. All the people who contributed to writing, debating, and appraising the texts are named below. The drafting group is inclusive.

We embarked on this adventure when we noticed the absence of a French-language site that would provide a coherent set of practical advice, simple to implement, justified by published scientific data. From the outset, we wanted our initiative to be international, like the pandemic. Each country and each culture brings its own ways to deal with the pandemic. We believe that it is through the combination of knowledge and approaches that we will find a way through the current crisis.

Our approach is civic and humanistic. This work is voluntary, carried out on our personal time, put into shape thanks to the work of a graphic designer and a computer coder, translated by bilingual scientists. We declare that we have no economic or political conflict of interest.

Our site has been very well received, both by the general public and the scientific community. We welcome constructive comments, which allow us to enrich the site and make it more useful and accessible.

The site is still under construction: thank you for your understanding!