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How do you make a hydroalcoholic solution?

Text updated on 2020-05-03

Recipe to be used only if you can't find the ingredients.

Washing hands with soap and water is the preferred option to avoid transmission of the coronavirus. If soap and water are not (or will not be) available, you can use a hydro-alcoholic solution to decontaminate your hands. If there is a shortage of hydro-alcoholic gels in supermarkets and pharmacies, here are some tips on how to make a hydro-alcoholic solution (liquid, not gel) at home.

Warning, the above instructions are normally intended for professionals (industry, pharmacist...) and not for artisanal production. As it is difficult to control the origin of the basic products and the accuracy of the measurement with household appliances, as well as to check the efficiency and non-toxicity of the final product at home, the production of artisanal hydroalcoholic solutions is strongly discouraged.

Moreover, perfumes, gelling agents or additives can react with the other ingredients in unexpected ways and make the final solution less effective or even toxic to the skin. In France, as it is not possible to obtain 96% or 70% alcohol without additives, it is therefore strongly advised to buy hydroalcoholic gel in pharmacies.

Ingredients (all normally available in pharmacies, 96% ethanol can also be found in supermarkets):


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