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What are the symptoms of COVID-19 in children?

Text updated on 2020-05-31

Children usually have no symptoms, or develop milder forms of the disease than adults. However, there are also rare severe cases. Children can be carriers of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, so they should also use barrier procedures and be tested.

The time between contact with a person with the COVID-19 disease and the onset of the first symptoms can range from 2 to 10 days in children. The predominant symptoms seen in children are mild fever, respiratory symptoms, and diarrhea. Most infected children have no symptoms. Children develop fewer cases of severe pneumonia than adults. About 5% of children develop severe forms, and in very rare cases, a multisystemic childhood inflammatory syndrome, which requires immediate hospitalization for effective treatment. Frostbite on the toes has also been observed in children and young adults.

As of May 1, 2020, according to global statistics, the probability of dying from an SARS-CoV-2 infection is around zero for a child aged 0-9, 0.2% for a person aged 10-19, while it is 0.4% for those aged 40-49 and 14.8% for those aged 80 and over.

Because children can get COVID-19, they should follow the same rules of hygiene and social distancing as adults, including limiting close contact with vulnerable people such as grandparents.

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