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What can I do to help stop COVID-19?

Text updated on 2020-05-20

Your role is essential in stemming the epidemic not only by behaving responsibly to protect yourself and others, but also by helping out, according to your skills and circumstances.

The most important thing is to respect barrier gestures, social distancing, and to protect the vulnerable.

It is through a collective effort that we will defeat the COVID-19 epidemic. Everyone must behave responsibly to protect themselves and others: wash their hands, put on a mask, and adopt safe distances. It is also important to help others apply and understand these barrier actions. Make homemade masks and distribute them around you (neighbours, postmen, delivery person, etc.). Publicize this website, for example!

Pay attention to the psychological state of your loved ones and yourself. Crisis, confinement, lack of work or school, have consequences on our psychological state. More than ever, it is important to maintain social contact by phone, SMS, video chats, etc. Each person reacts differently. It is important at this particular time to get in touch with loved ones or those who are isolated. For French speakers, you can send letters to people who are destitute and completely isolated by going to https://1lettre1sourire.org. Contact your municipality: they need volunteers, for example, to distribute groceries or meals to people with difficulties, especially those who need to remain isolated in case of symptoms or contact with a person with COVID-19.

Participate in the collection of scientific data Answering scientific questionnaires is very useful to help researchers better understand the current unprecedented situation and find ways out of the crisis. You can also provide financial support to the medical and scientific effort against COVID-19.

Keep up-to-date with health developments and instructions advertised in your country. Choose reliable and official sources, with moderate frequency, as information overload can cause anxiety.

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