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How the texts in Adios Corona are written: from idea to publication, a team effort!

Text updated on 2020-11-19

Everything you read on www.adioscorona.org is the result of teamwork that took time!

1- The question
One of us asks a new question, or comes across a remarkable scientific article, or an important question is asked by one of our readers, or we decide to tackle one of our old pending questions. He/she feels motivated, and tells others that he/she's doing it, and then gets to work!

2- UN Version
For a few hours, or days, or weeks, the person of Adios Corona reads, writes, thinks, calculates, questions people. He/She does not necessarily consider the advice of the WHO or other organizations to be the right one: he/she goes back to the published scientific sources on the subject, to the data, he/she uses his/her critical sense and his scientific and rational reasoning to understand the phenomena and establish the best practices to adopt. And finally, he/she produces a first draft of the matter. Very proud, and relieved to be finished, he/she signals to others that it's okay: they can look. Often the person who wrote does not write to the whole team, but suggests to 2-3 other competent people in the group to read it again.

3- Corrections
As soon as they have a minute, the proofreaders will read the draft and after the wonders of the beginning, they do their job as correctors: they correct what is wrong, they question what is not obvious, they propose other scientific articles with a different approach or other figures, and they pay attention to the readers - can this be understood wrongly? Is it too complicated? Is the tone the right one? At Adios Corona, we try to be neither alarmist nor reassuring, but simply give sourced information, without filtering, to let the reader make up his mind and choose for himself a graduated response. All these corrections, all these comments are noted on a "shared" document.

4- Final version
The first author takes his/her courage in both hands, and one by one peels through the proposals of the others. Accept ing this, refusing that, going to read the articles in addition, responding to certain points... The proofreaders respond, argue, discuss... and the others in the team also begin to intervene in the discussion (all in writing). After a few days, or weeks, the question is ripe, it is "good", it is publishable.

5- Publication
Virginie or Claire read the text one last time, correct the last forgotten typo, and put it online on the Adios corona website. Soon enough, this question is highlighted on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and by a few targeted emails.

6 - Revision
We use different tools such as Slack, Whatsapp, Discord, Twitter, and Google Scholar to keep us up to date with the latest scientific publications. When new data is published on a topic, the person who wrote the question gets back to work, and back to point 2 above!

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