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Getting out of the house

Text updated on 2021-05-02

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19stay home and ask a neighbour, friend or municipal helper to go out for you.

⃞ fever

⃞ cough

⃞ sore throat

⃞ shortness of breath

⃞ loss of taste or smell

⃞ nasal congestion

⃞ nasal discharge

⃞ frostbite

⃞ diarrhea

Did you know that?An analysis of 1,099 patients COVID-19 in China showed that less than 50% of individuals had a fever at the time of hospital admission. Mild symptoms are therefore the most important to detect.For more information

How long is a person contagious?

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If you think you will run into other people or go into enclosed areas visited by others (building lobby, elevator, etc.), leave your home with your mask on your face.

Did you know this? In a study of the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong, people who frequently wore masks in public were half as likely to be infected with the SARS virus as those who did not. For more information on the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong

Why and how to handle his mask?

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In your bag, keep an extra mask in a paper envelope, just in case (rain, mask falling on the ground, forgotten mask, etc.).

Can a surgical mask be used more than once?

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Take a small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel with you to wash your hands and decontaminate objects if necessary.

Did you know that? The first hydroalcoholic solution was marketed in Hamburg in 1965. For more information

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