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Getting on a plane

Text updated on 2021-04-20

If you have symptoms of COVID-19do not fly.

⃞ fever ⃞ cough ⃞ sore throat ⃞ shortness of breath ⃞ loss of taste or smell ⃞ nasal congestion ⃞ nasal discharge
⃞ frostbite ⃞ diarrhea

How do you catch COVID-19?

Did you know that? At the beginning of the epidemic in China, 11 patients with COVID-19 were admitted to a hospital in Zhejiang province: they had all taken the same flight, indicating that they had probably been contaminated during their air travel. For more information

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Wear a mask for the duration of the trip.

Were you aware of this? On a flight from Singapore to Zhejiang, China, 10 out of 325 passengers were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, while none of the crew members, all of whom were wearing masks unlike the passengers, became infected. For more information

Why and how to handle his mask?

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Your mask should cover your nose and mouth well.

Did you know that? A man who had put his mask on incorrectly was contaminated during a flight from Singapore to Hangzhou, China on January 24, 2020. On the plane, he sat with his mask in the wrong position for an hour next to two asymptomatic people who then tested positive for the coronavirus. The other people around were not infected. They all wore masks. To find out more about it

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Drink and eat before you get on the plane in order to limit the need to remove your mask once on the plane.

Did you know this?A person traveling from China to Toronto with a dry cough wore a mask for the entire flight. A few days later, tests revealed that she had COVID-19. None of the crew members or passengers were contaminated.For more information

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In the airplane bathroom, a very confined area, do not remove your mask.

Did you know that? One person became infected when she took off her mask to go to the bathroom on a flight from Italy to South Korea. An asymptomatic individual, who later tested positive for coronavirus, had used the same bathroom. For more information

Did you know that? An analysis of numerous cases of cluster contamination in Japan shows that the vast majority of contamination cases have occurred in closed, confined areas. To find out more about it

Did you know that? In Fangcang, a sports centre in Wuhan converted into a temporary hospital, the most contaminated air (in terms of quantity of viral particles) was observed in the bathrooms, narrow and unventilated rooms. To find out more about it

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Wash your hands regularly with hydroalcoholic gel (after using the toilet, after touching objects potentially touched by other people, etc.).

Did you know that? A study of the SARS outbreak in 2002 showed that washing hands more than ten times a day reduced the rate of infection. To find out more about it

Why wash your hands?

Tops, masks!

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