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Taking a taxi

Text updated on 2021-04-20

Before getting in the cab, ventilate the vehicle.

Did you know that?One person was infected by taking a bus in which an infected person had been on even when the person had left the bus 30 minutes before.For more information

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Ask for the car's interior air to be replenished from the outside air, or open the window.

Did you know that?A study of the 103 cases of COVID-19 contamination possibly work-related in Asia shows that the occupations most at risk of catching the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are, after health carers, bus and taxi drivers and workers in the transport sector.To find out more about it

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Keep your mask on for the entire trip.

Did you know this?On January 22, during a 4-hour bus ride, an individual infected with the disease COVID-19 who was not wearing a mask contaminated 7 people. Some were 4.5 meters away. None of the people wearing masks were contaminated.For more information

Why and how to handle his mask?

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When paying, limit the duration of the interaction by paying outside, having change ready or paying with your contactless credit card.

Did you know that? One of the first cases COVID-19 in Thailand, in January 2020, was a taxi driver. He had been transporting tourists from China who were wearing masks and coughing. Unfortunately, the mask does not completely prevent the expulsion of aerosols when coughing. To find out more about it

Get a masked transport!

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