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"One of my favourite sites on covid, plus it's made by women researchers #servicepublic :). It clearly deserves more visibility..."
CI, May 2021

"Thank you for this "essential" site, for the breadth, seriousness and quality of the work. Far from fake news and propaganda, clear and independent answers."
YE, April 2021

"Congratulations on your work, it is a real source of information."
MCS, April 2021

"Congratulations on your site, discovered in Philosophy magazine. I immediately forwarded your URL to my circle of friends."
OJ, March 2021

"Just to tell you that it's really super important what you do on this site, courage for the work it represents. We need accurate resources to talk about these topics."
JP, March 2021

"Thank you and bravo! Finally an exhaustive, educational and non-infantile content that takes into account all aspects, stages, consequences, actions, etc. that are likely to cause contamination and also how to preserve oneself. The scientific part is very accessible for a neophyte. You should offer this "vulgate" to our politicians and especially to journalists..."
JLB, February 2021

"Thank you for all the high quality information that is accessible to everyone. I discovered your site on a radio show. You do a wonderful job of researching and writing."
MCS, January 2021

"What a great tool you've brought us here! First of all, to see things clearly, and to bring a scientific word around us in an environment where doubt about the value of this word is insidiously setting in. Thank you very much to your entire team. I'm a retired physics teacher."
FB, December 2020

"I have read 492 (popular) articles since March, 2020 and your site is simply THE best on SARS-CoV-2. I particularly appreciate the presence of the sources and summaries at the bottom of the page. I also appreciate the quality of the writing and the editorial independence. Bravo for this remarkable work!"
YD, December 2020

"I would like to thank you for this work and this great presentation with good arguments. It's a real thesis! I'm far from believing that it's within everyone's reach, especially for non-scientists. It is regrettable that this data is not broken down in small doses on TV, on the news instead of advertising for example. Would it thus be possible to make this work to combat the unmasked rebels, who are unfortunately still present, as widely known as possible?"
CD, December 2020

"Congratulations for your initiative and the pedagogical quality of the content. I am a former training manager. How can we build an platform on the same principle?"
JM, December 2020

"Great, this public service website!"
MO, December 2020

"Thank you for your work (discovered by the France inter show at noon). Hopefully the corona-sceptics and anti-vaccinators will read you and open your eyes. It gives me back a little confidence in humanity!"
BL, December 2020

"Thank you for the work you do. It changes the ayatollahs who believe in what they believe."
MB, December 2020

"Thank you for your site, which I find very clear and informative."
GA, December 2020

"Finally, people who want to have a neutral look. Thank you for your work."
JV, December 2020

"Your team of researchers is doing an outstanding job of informing the public to provide reliable information to prevent and combat COVID ."
JYC, December 2020

"I highly recommend the Adios Corona information site. For example, I get lost in the understanding of the different tests, and there is a way to learn efficiently via this site. On all aspects of the virus. Thank you."
MD, December 2020

"Just to say thank you for this site that I discovered through a comrade and the chained duck... I'm old enough to be retired, but having spent part of my life in environmental health, crisis management especially during H1N1, and having some notions of epidemics (Atlanta CDC version), I try to follow a little "soap opera covid. "
FG, December 2020

"Thank you and bravo for the wonderful volunteer work!"
RG, November 2020

"Thank you 1000 times for your very educational and I dare say playful site. Thank you to the graphic designers and scientists who enlighten us about the pandemic!!"
MD, November 2020

"I'd like to congratulate you on this excellent site which I've passed on to my fellow school nurses."
CM, November 2020

"Your site is really great! I use it more and more to communicate with the most recalcitrant people around me, as well as the most curious."
WB, November 2020

"I think your site is great, it gets us out of the fog and doesn't make us look like fools."
FD, October 2020

"Thank you for this modest yet rigorous site."
MM, October 2020

"I have just discovered your site and I thank you very much for this colossal and quality work ! Congratulations !"
EL, October 2020

"Thank you for your very clear and well-sourced site!"
OPL, October 2020

"I fully subscribe to the project for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Bravo!"
MP, October 2020

"I don't know how to tell you how grateful I am for the incredible work you're doing. I have been an HIV activist for over 30 years. So this is my 2nd "World War". I'm a "veteran". So, I can see that you've done an outstanding job of content."
RX, October 2020

"Thank you for the wonderful job of informing."
DH, October 2020

"I discovered you by chance, via a notice from Le Monde and a comic book excerpt. I am amazed by the accuracy of your words and the quality of your work."
PT, October 2020

"I discovered your site today and I find it extremely well done and relevant. Finally validated, sourced, and simply explained information! Bravo !"
PP, October 2020

"Here's maybe an n-thank you for this crazy work you're providing. It is of a demanding and gentle factuality that invites responsibility and action. But why the hell doesn't it feel that way when you listen to government announcements... Thank you."
EE, October 2020

"The Adios Corona site, run by researchers, doctors, and doctoral students, is a digest of studies and what we know today, without being too alarmist or negative, not talking about politics, and can answer your questions. It's safer in my opinion than television or social networks, which can sometimes be out of touch and above all anxiety-provoking."
RT, September 2020

"It's a veritable encyclopedia! There's plenty to read. A reading that should be declared a public service."
BC, September 2020

"Thank you very much for your remarkable site."
BC, September 2020

"Nice to finally read something clever in the midst of all this hysteria."
MG, August 2020

"Thanks for creating this awesome site!"
KB, June 2020

"Many compliments and thank you. Very very clear and complete."
AM, June 2020

"This is a cool site. The drawings are well done."
OO, May 2020

"I'm very impressed, a big bravo !"
FXA, May 2020

"Hello. A beautiful site! I'm a doctor."
IF, May 2020