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What are the current avenues of research to combat the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus?

Text updated on 2020-04-21

Current research to combat the SARS-CoV-2 virus is diverse and takes time to be scientifically rigorous.

There are several avenues of research to combat the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus or the serious effects of the diseaseCOVID-19. Researchers and doctors are exploring all avenues: antiviral drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, neutralizing antibodies, vaccines, etc. The research effort is immense, collective and international. As of April 20, 2020, the https://covid-nma.com/ website listed more than 1500 registered clinical trials in progress throughout the world. Experimental results and clinical observations are published and shared with unprecedented speed.

However, we need solid scientific data to move forward, to demonstrate the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a treatment. This requires a rigorous experimental approach and ethical clinical trials. It takes time. Many drugs are highly effective in vitro, in cultures of infected cells, but not at all in vivo, in the body. We must be wary of the effects of announcements on YouTube, Twitter and other social networks, which do not achieve consensus and give false hope to patients. Until treatments are available, our only protection is social distancing and barrier gestures.

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