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Going to a store

Text updated on 2021-04-20

Choose drive-through or mail order purchases because your products will potentially be handled by fewer people and this will limit your contact with others.

Did you know that? At a department store in Tianjin, China, in January 2020, an employee contaminated 19 customers and 6 other employees before the store was closed. To find out more about it

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If possible, avoid peak hours.

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Wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

Did you know that? An analysis of more than 60 studies conducted before 2010 shows that surgical masks and N95/FFP2 masks reduce the spread of respiratory diseases. Find out more

How do you put on and take off your mask?

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Keep an appropriate distance between yourself and others. Wait until your path radius is clear.

What is the recommended distance between two people?

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Only touch what you are going to buy.

For handling fruits and vegetables, you can use a bag to cover your hand.

How long is the coronavirus infectious?

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At the checkout, limit the duration of the interaction by having the change ready or by paying with your contactless credit card.

What is close contact?

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